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A Dog's Journey

This Is the story of four dogs, actually: Spoony, Lil Girl, Bishop and Coonie. 


Spoony is small mixed breed dog with a big heart.  She was dumped at the shelter one night when no one was there with a broken leg.  A kind person with a huge heart took Spoony to the vet, only to find out her leg was broken in two places from an old injury.  This kind soul that took Spoony in will be taking her to the Michigan Humane Society, where they will amputate the injured leg and put her up for adoption.  May all your dreams come of a happy home come true for you, Spoony!

Lil Girl

Lil Girl was found in the middle of a busy highway and brought into AAWS.  She is also small mixed breed dog with a big heart.  Lil Girl will be accompanying Spoony on her trip to the Michigan Humane Society, in the hopes of finding her forever home. Godspeed, Lil Girl!


Bishop is a young male lab mix.  He is a cute dog and a little shy until he warms up, then he becomes very sweet.  Bishop is on his way to the Michigan Humane Society, to try to find his forever home.  Safe travels, sweet Bishop!!


Coonie is a young male terrier mix.  He is very friendly and has lots of energy.  Coonie is very playful, loves to run and loves the water.  He is also on his way to the Michigan Humane Society on his search for a loving and fun family to care for him.  May your journey find you all the love you deserve, Coonie!!! 
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