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About Avoyelles Animal Welfare Society, Inc. (AAWS)

Avoyelles Animal Welfare Society, Inc. (AAWS) is a 501(c) non-profit organization incorporated in February 2007.

The goal and mission of AAWS is to provide medical care, food and shelter to abandoned, abused and homeless animals in the parish of Avoyelles, with the hopes of adopting them back into society. AAWS is privately owned and operated by it's members and volunteers. 

Office Hours

Please remember it is a crime to abandon an animal in the state of Louisiana. La.R.S. 14:102(A) (d)

Monday       8am-12pm

Tuesday       8am-12pm

Wednesday 8am-12pm

Thursday     8am-12pm

Friday          8am-12pm

Saturday      8am-12pm

Sunday         8am-12pm



AAWS Officers 2023

President - Chris Burke

Vice President - Patricia Bordelon

Secretary - Sandra Tassin

Treasurer - Phyllis Lemoine

Board Member - Darlene Gormsen

Board Member - Misty Blanchard

Board Member -Kathy Cumferswanner

You want to go for a walk.  I'm leading.

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