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AAWS Adoption Process

To adopt an animal from AAWS, the adoptive applicant must be at least 18 years of age and provide a valid driver's license/photo ID. A copy of the identification is required for the file.

The adoption fees are $175.00 for dogs and $100.00 for cats.

The adoptive applicant will have the opportunity to view the animals during regular shelter hours. If the applicant is interested in a particular animal, the applicant will complete an adoption application which will include an adoption agreement.

The adoptive applicant will be interviewed at the time the application is turned in and will be advised of all adoptive costs that will be incurred at the time of pickup, if the application is approved.

Adoptive applicant will provide references upon request.

Upon approval for adoption, the adoptive applicant will be asked to have a picture taken with the pet at the time of pickup. The adoptive applicant will then be given all the animal's shot records and medical history.

Click on the Application form; download, then print and fill out.  The Application form as well as the refund/Return Policy and Adoption Agreement must be printed and filled out and brought with you on the day of adoption.  You can also fill out our on line Application at the bottom of the choice bar and submit it for approval. Then call the shelter tell them you submitted your application on line, and set up an appointment for the adoption.

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