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No. 3 Cur Terrier Mix 2-year-old. Available in Marksville.

Dolly, Below 10 weeks old, lab terrier mix, 1 dose of parvio shot and 3 worming.

 Miley, below 10 weeks old, lab terrier mix sister of Dolly, 1rst dose of parvio shot and 3 wormings.  Both puppies are in training , sit, down, and leash training. 

Animals outside of shelter

All the animals in this section are animals that ARE NOT IN THE SHELTER.

Contact information can be obtained by calling the shelter and asking by number assigned to picture.  As animals are rehomed, they will be removed from the site.  If you need any more information on these animals you will have to contact our website coordinator, Kathryn Cumferswanner at 304-841-3565, or Our Volunteer Candy Flake 318-587-5361.  Thank you.


Black female Lab and Blonde Mix Female Lab both just had litters very sweet nature.  Dropped off with elderly woman that can not care for them. Black Lab Puppies Below 1rst worming 2 months old weened.

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