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Animals outside of shelter

All the animals in this section are animals that ARE NOT IN THE SHELTER.

Contact information can be obtained by calling the shelter and asking by number assigned to picture.  As animals are rehomed, they will be removed from the site.  If you need any more information on these animals you will have to contact our website coordinator, Kathryn Cumferswanner at 304-841-3565.  Thank you.

No. 3 Cur Terrier Mix 2-year-old. Available in Marksville.

 No. 10 Collie/huskie 9 week old puppy female from Westfall.

No. 14 -Mixed Cane Coursa 1 year old no vetting

No. 11 - 5 month old chieweinne mix male up to date on shots not fixed; blind in right eye.

No. 18 -9 week old cane coursa lab mixes; no shots.

No 16. Pluto is a 2 yr old akc registered lab; loves kids, fixed and up to date on shots.

Gabby is a 8 month old Pit mix female; vetting is up to date not spayed.

No. 11 Kingston is a 4 month old pitbull male; up to date on shots, and ready for his new home.

No 9. Jack Russel mix 9 week old male

No. 9 Jack Russel Mix 9 week old female

No 9.  NNJack Russel mix 9 week old male.

4. Lab mix female 3 months old no vetting

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